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        Oh polar vortex- please find another part of the globe to shiver and shake with your snowy cold face. We are so so tired of being inside, huddled around a fire with wool socks! We want to feel the grass, we want to see the sun! We want to wear...

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    Welcome to Conscious Clothing! 

    We are a small company dedicated to using the most eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics, dyes, inks, and products available! 

    Located in Rockford, Michigan, we design, dye, cut, sew, stamp and print all of our products by hand. We strive to make the highest quality and most durable clothing as an alternative to the disposable fashion of today. 

    Since 2000, we've been specializing in Hemp, Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Soy, Organic Wool, and Recycled Materials. 

    Care what you wear!